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An evening with The Olive Branch 

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-24 at 6.30.44 PM.

Thank you to our global community for making our first Virtual Gala such a great success!  On Friday, April 30th, 2021, we joined together online and raised a total of CAN $51, 295.  This will ensure the success of our programs in 2021. 

Highlights of the evening included taking a virtual tour of Tanzania to see our programs in action.  It was an honour to introduce you to some of our amazing staff, let you see our kids singing and dancing, and show you how our work benefits the community of Mbeya.


Thank you to all of our generous donors  and to Peter and Pauls Catering for the delicious appetizers!  

Gold Level Donors - $500 and above

Ellen Bellach

Richard Boutin

Jack & Kim Campbell

Susan Carter Smith

Francesca Gigliotti Chari

Clone Graphics - Emi Jiwan

Compact Mould Ltd. - Petrucci Family

Barb Davis

Amin Dhalla

Zelia & Marc Drumm



Drumm International Group Inc.

Jane Graham

Delores Klingspon

John & Deanna Leong

Karen Letwinka

Eileen Linfield

Pat & Tom McCabe

Ginette McCracken

Wayne McCracken

Michael Nephew

Pizzaville Inc.

Trish & David Reid

Laura Rosati

Charlotte Ryan

Hon. Deb Schulte

George Schurman

Tender Nursing Care

  - Ica & Xenia Poznic

Anonymous - 10

Silver Level Donors - $275 and above

Nicholas Beck

Anna Bortolus

Lyne Cortese

Maureen Davey

Lisa Duffy

Adina Fishbein

Sabrina Furney

Susan Fuss

GB Law

Nicole Giroux

Rabindra Gunraj

Janet & Mark Lack

Victoria Santiago-Liu

Mehernosh Pestonji

Janice Seidelin

Catherine Shamie & Lizzy Sterling

Denny Starritt

Gwen Sugiyama

Anonymous - 9

Bronze Level Donors - up to $274

David Archer

Katherine Bardyn

Susan Beckett & Mike Bonello

Sharon Begnaud

Martha Bell

Brenda Blake

Chantal Boutin

Joel & Sandra Brown

Karen & Mike Calpin

Councillor Tony Carella

Heather Chang

Michelle Chang

Alexandra Cipullo

Brenda Clark

Claudia Davies

Daniel & Andrée Demers

Pinar Deris

Tina Di Tommaso 

Nancie Drouin

Robyn Drumm

Debbie Fernandes

Katie Fettes

Sylvie Fournier


Caroline Fraser

Sergine Giroux

Betty Grant

Mariann Grimaldi

Tapio & Fiona Haapalehto

Karima Hamir

Louise Hiltunen

Peter Jacobsen

Johannes Van Kampen

Vincenza Kooner

Keshini Kumarakesary 

Heidi & Glory Last

Bonnie & Steve Lougheed

Leopoldina De Medeiros

Karen Mellow

Sylvia Miskus

Ann & Andras Molnar

Darlene Moniz-Mueller

Judy Ness

Devin O'Neill

Robert Onorato

Lisa Oppedisano

Emily Peck

Brent Retter

Sheena Robertson

Gonzalo Romero

Councillor Gino Rosati

Jamie Rossiter

Sandi Rutter

Stephen Schmidt

Cathy Shintani

Preia Sibdhannie

Erica Sirdevan

Barbara Smith

Jeff Smith

Rebecca Smith

Lindsay Stiles

Jim Streb

Wendy Tanner

Lucy Vivaldo

Jayne Wagner

Jennifer Walker

Barry Wilson-Smythe

Meg Wolfe-Wylie

Anthony Zavarella

Amanda Zupancic

Anonymous - 48

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