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Deborah mccracken-nangereke
Founder and CEO


Deborah McCracken-Nangereke founded TOBFC in 2005 when she decided to stay in Mbeya, Tanzania. Her time is now spent managing the charity’s programs and connecting with TOBFC’s global family of supporters. Deb is proud to lead an incredible group of more than 80 dedicated Tanzanian staff.


Assistant Director

Daudi joined our team in 2012. He is passionate about working in partnership with the various levels of Tanzanian government. This ensures TOBFC is always aligned with strategic plans and that our efforts compliment government efforts.


Chief Financial Officer

Fredrick joined our team in 2008.  He is passionate about TOBFC programs. He knows transparency is vital to our operations in Tanzania and our global donor community.

Social Care and Financial Autonomy Manager

Lucy joined our team in 2022. Lucy is a TOBFC graduate who launched our Menstrual Equity program. She is passionate about educating girls about their rights and we are thrilled to work with her. 

Joseph mbwiga
Water Security, Construction and Logistics Supervisor

Joseph joined our team in 2008. He is an advocate for water security in rural communities. 

Healthcare Manager

Frank joined our team in 2018. He loves connecting rural communities to healthcare. His passion is wound care.


Outreach Education Manager

Mary joined our team in 2021. She ensures our Montessori Outreach schools meet national standards. She is passionate about improving rural literacy rates.


Dezilee MUTTAS 

Social Care Outreach Supervisor


Dez joined our team in 2016. He loves caring for older adults and motivating communities to support older adult rights. Dez is passionate about safeguarding the rights of elders in the communities served by TOBFC.

putiyei nangereke

Infrastructure Development and Logistics Manager

Putiyei is our Infrastructure Development and Logistics Manager. He joined our team in 2008. His passion is to ensure that communities have the necessary infrastructure to thrive. He has constructed 20 schools, 2 health clinics, 2 children’s centres, and supervised the drilling and refurbishment of 12 wells and the construction of 5 water catchment systems to date.

Human Resources, Communications and Volunteer Manager

Ikupa joined our team in 2021. She is a TOBFC graduate, and we are so thrilled to work with her. She is passionate about ensuring vulnerable children and youths have the same opportunities she had growing up thanks to TOBFC. She also loves welcoming volunteers and sharing Tanzania with people from around the world. 


Romah SUDY
Climate Care and Content Development Supervisor

Romah joined our team in 2018. TOBFC sent Romah to become a certified apiarist. Romah is passionate about combining economic sustainability with environmental conservation.


Mlombwa YASSIN
Child/Youth Development and Montessori Academy Manager

Mlombwa joined our team in 2021. She is a TOBFC graduate, and education is her main passion. Her goal is to increase access to education and improve academic outcomes for Tanzanians. The Montessori Academy is her heart project, and we are thrilled to have her on our team.

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