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monthly donors

Monthly donors join us in a true partnership to deliver services to over 200,000 people each year in Mbeya, Tanzania. By pledging an ongoing automatic donation each month, our monthly donor community provides predictability and reassurance as we plan our programs. Individuals set their own personalized donation level, starting at $10.00 CAD per month.

Thank you to all our monthly donors! Your commitment makes a huge impact in how we provide our services.

Monthly Donors

Sabal Al-Khateeb

Fernando Almeida

Barbara Anderson

Roxanne Balfe

Gail Beal

Heather, Ryan and Claire Beattie

Melanie Belore

Joel & Sandra Brown

Matilde Cannata

Care Within Ltd.

Francesca Gigliotti Chari

Bria Connolly

Martina Connors-Ryan

Cecilia Delgado

Alberto Delgado Moreno

Sheryl Demetro

Dr. Avram Denburg

Robyn Drumm

Laura Fava

Debbie Fernandes

Conor Geoghegan

Jacqueline Gray

Lindsey Groves Sausser

Carlisle Hawkins

Cynthia Ho & Jennifer Nephew

Mark Hornblower

Thibaut Jacquet Lagreze

Steve Johnston

Eoin Jones

Asma Kandawala

Sandra Kaufman

Jonathon King

Joseph & Denise Kovac

Carla La Valle-Stanghieri

Heidi Last

Rosanne Lopers-Sweetman

Sofia Macarro Klepsch

Orla McGee

Clara Menard

Jasmine Miller

Sylvia Miskus

Orla Moran

Philip Nyamumbo

​Jennifer O'Connor

Mehernosh Pestonji

Tracy Prce

Ele Quinn

John Radford

Tinisha Ramjeet

Trish Reid

Ivan & Virginia Rhodes

Charlotte Ryan

Santina Salij

Manuel Roldan Saenz

Hon. Deborah Schulte

Antonio Scollo

Catharine Scully

Mark Shaffer

Sher Shah Shahab

Erica Sirdevan

Marie-Gabrielle Stewart

Leigh Tally

Julie Tavernese

Vincent Walshe

Jennifer Welsh

Meg Wolfe-Wylie

Kavisa Wood

Anonymous - 3


Honourary and In Memoriam Monthly Donations

Richard Aranha in honour of Marie Aranha

Karim Ayed in honour of Sara Duca


Anne Russell in memory of Maura and Paddy

Heike Domke Talbot in memory of Steve Talbot


We would also like to recognize and thank our monthly donors who contribute through TOBFC Ireland and Tunakujali Tansania.

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