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Individual donors

Our individual donors support our programs and services beyond the special events and campaigns that we hold each year.


We would like to thank all our individual donors for believing in the work of The Olive Branch for Children. Your support helps us provide education, health, social programs, and services to over 200,000 people a year in Mbeya, Tanzania.


Thank you for your partnership as we build a strong and thriving community!

Grove Level ($25,000 and above)

Caroline Fraser

Emi Jiwan/Clone Graphics

Anonymous - 1

Tree Level ($10,000 - $24,999)

Dr. Stan Eaman and Vera Isaac

Meaghan Patricia Hughes

Anonymous - 1

Branch Level ($5,000 - $9,999)

William C. Howe

Anonymous - 3

Leaf Level ($1,000 - $4,999)

Nicholas Beck

Ursula Deschamps

Dr. Amin Dhalla

Helen Ehlers

Heidi Fiebig

Michael Handler

Mary Hayes

David Humble

Dr. Daniel and Dr. Rachel King

Silvia Kohn

Cheryl Leonhardt

Pat McCabe

Andrew McKenzie

Jack O'Meara

Stacey Pachkevitch

Maggie Shi

Dave and Kathy Smith

Clara Silva

Frances Sirdevan

Anonymous - 5


Level - Bud ($500 - $999)

Rein Breitmaier

Jack Campbell

Susan Carter Smith

Drumm International Group

Doug Fairweather

Kelly Johnson

Peter Kiborn

Nicole Kozloff

Hieu Le

Paul Mannion

B.K. Mohindra Family Fund

Isabella Quirin



Jamie Rossiter and Pam Leudke 

Stephen Sterling

Donna Valaitis

Anonymous - 3


Level - Seed ($0 - $499)

David Archer

Nina and Helmut Arnes

Banita Banga

Gunes Bayram

Gail Beal

Bob Belcher

G. Bhogal

Robert Brosowski

Linda Bullock

Laura Burke

Sharmila Cappa

Annemarie Carere

Liching Chang

Francesca Gigliotti Chari

Raymond Cherrier

Kashmere Cleofas

Beth Cooper

Linda Davies

Karl and Barb Davis

Josie De Sousa

Richard Demers

Niamh Diskin

Diana Duan

Douglas & Mary Easterbrook

Luke Egan

Barbara Everdene

Desiree Freund

Angela Friday

Katalin Gardiner

Carine Gilbert

Nicole Giroux

Sergine Giroux

Goldbricks Group Ltd.

Christine Gundel

Walter Gundel

Ian Harris

Hyeon Hyeseon

Integrity Design & Build

Jaswant Jessy

Fern Jordan

Robert Kapitany

Suky Kaur

Jayanthini Kogilaranjan

Nicole Kozloff

Bill & Elena Krecouzos

Trudi Lacheed

Amey Lai

Anna Lavelle

Karen Letwinka

Freshly Lingat

Zein Lookmanji

Afshin & Amanda Lotfi

Kristine Lyons

Karalyn Macrito

Zena Malik

Charlene Malixi

Anneliese Manchester

Macarena Martinez-Mediero

Diane Mazza

Gillian McGeough

Natalie McNair

Pearl Mehra-Shah

Sherry Mikelic

Carolynne Mori

Rachna Narula

Shaista Nasser

Linda Nham

Maeve O'Connell

Andrea Pascual

Emily Peck

Julie Prce

Tinisha Ramjeet

Manuel Roldan Saenz

SHA Design Inc.

Sabrina Sandhu

Robert Sharer

Babar Sher

Erica Sirdevan

Jamie Smith

SPS Canada

David Stiles

Oana Stoean

Allison Tally

Tina Theofanous

Robyn Thorton

Andy Tsang

Johannes Van Kampen

Jarnail Vanvat

Natalka Vetere

Colleen Volpel

Alice Wagner

Julie Waite

Lisa Walters

Hsuanhui Wendy Wang

Mina Wang

Nicole Wang

Tao Wang

Stephanie Weiss

Constance Weldon

Marco Wiemer

Peter Wright

Maria Zazo

Zoroast The Fireplace Store

Anonymous - 28


Honourary and In Memoriam Donations

Wendy Beck in honour of Kathy 

Celina Deland in memory of Mario Kraitchy

Dr. Amin Dhalla in honour of Dolly Jiwa

Lynne Leyland in honour of Jamie Rossiter and Pam Leudke

Ontario Public Service Accessibility Office in honour of Maureen Davey

Jamie Rossiter in honour of the Rossiter Family

In honour of Clara Sheehy

Donations recognized above are all made through our Canadian platform.

We would also like to recognize and thank our individual donors who make anonymous donations through our various donation platforms around the globe.

Donations are recognized on the wall for one calendar year.

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