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TOBFC Campaigns

TOBFC operates numerous campaigns throughout the year highlighting important issues and programs

emergency fundraising campaign 2020

The Olive Branch for Children Fundraising Campaign 2020 is over and was a huge success.  Thank you for your generosity - we exceeded our target!   


This year is an amazing year at The Olive Branch for Children!  We have 4 of our talented young women starting College and University.  Mlombwa, Winni, Ikupa and Lucy are taking the next steps toward success.  Mlombwa starts at The University of Dar-es-Salaam.  Winni joins The University of Dodoma.  Ikupa begins at Mzumbe University and Lucy joins the Bulongwa Health Sciences Institute. We are so proud and know their academic journey is vital to addressing gender inequality in their communities.  According to UNESCO, in 2015, 2.67% of the gross female population of Tanzania was attending a tertiary education institution, versus, 5.22% of the gross male population of Tanzania enrolled in a tertiary education institution. The more girls we can connect to higher education, the brighter the future will be for Tanzania.Post-secondary education comes at a significantly higher price than earlier academic levels. Not only does The Olive Branch for Children cover school fees, living costs and stationaries, we must equip our College and University students with laptops so they can complete their course work.


This year, Mlombwa decided to run the Dar Rotary Marathon to not only raise funds for her University costs, but also to help cover costs for her sisters, Winni, Ikupa and Lucy.  Mlombwa, who will begin her Bachelor's Degree in Science Education at The University of Dar-es-Salaam, knows University is her ticket to not only transforming her life, but positively impacting her entire community.  


Of course, we whole-heartedly support her decision to run and some of us even registered to join her.



Sikiliza Mngurumo Wake: Hear Her Roar


The Hear Her Roar Campaign is ongoing and will be an annual fundraising campaign, specifically for University Fees. Donate today!

We are 7 runners!  Mlombwa, Deborah, Winnie, Putiyei, Allison, Roma and Tanzanian Freestyle Champion and Kubuni Artist, Selementally.  We hope to raise $15 per person, per kilometre we run.  We are all registered to run the half-marathon. 



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This September and October - The Olive Branch for Children is running our annual Back to School with the Olive Branch Campaign.


The Olive Branch for Children provides academic support to a number of Tanzanian students from kindergarten to post-secondary education. We know that education can be inaccessible for a variety of different reasons, including expense and distance. The Academic Support Program addresses the barriers many students face and ensures they can access education.


Education is central to eradicating many of the socio-economic disparities in Tanzania. Ensuring youths are able to access education not only helps the most vulnerable gain a formidable voice within their communities, Tanzania and abroad, but closes the income gap between rural and urban populations. Ultimately, the goal of our Academic Support Program is to prepare the youths we serve to be gainfully employed.

TOBFC First Online Silent Auction

Due to the incredibly generous support from Four Seasons Serengeti, Lakeshore Lodge TZ, Tandala Tented Camps, Rawley Resort Canada and the Armada Ireland, TOBFC is hosting its first ever online auction! There are four Tanzanian vacations to the Serengeti, Ruaha National Park, Lake Tanganyika and Matema Beach, and two international vacations to Spanish Point, Ireland and Port Severn, Canada. The purpose of this auction is to raise funds for The Olive Branch for Children’s upcoming year. The funds will be divided into various ongoing projects including, the Zion and Peace Homes, our Montessori Programs, Community Health Initiatives, the Kubuni Centre, and Nufaika Savings Groups. 


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