Climate Care

Making a Difference

The current deforestation rate in Tanzania is approaching 373,000 hectares per year, making it among the highest in East Africa.


TOBFC believes we need to find solutions that can increase the standard of living in rural communities while preserving and revitalizing the environment.

Some of our current and future projects include:

  • Planting fruit trees/gardens at the Olive Branch Montessori Academy

  • Starting a fruit orchard at the Peace Home

  • Planting water retaining trees around the wells we have built

  • Planting fruit trees in public spaces in our catchment area and at our Montessori Classrooms

  • Starting community seed banks

In 2019, after an extensive research project initiated and implemented by TOBFC, we have launched our Better Fuel initiative.  This project is geared toward supporting communities in their efforts to change to natural gas, reducing the amount of deforestation in the area we serve and improving the overall health and quality of life of the communities we work in.

Well Construction

TOBFC has completed 3 wells in remote communities, sponsored by the Walker Foundation and the Montessori School of Kleinburg.

In 2019, Muskaan, another one of our international partners, has committed to sponsoring a well.

The wells have positively changed the lives of over 10,000 people!

We are currently designing a rain water catchment system for the communities of Mwashota and Lyankunda, as well as refurbishing two wells with an NGO based out of New York, Bees, Trees and Water.


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