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Itambo Mpolo Construction: Update

The construction of our Itambo Mpolo Medical Clinic is moving along quickly.

We are adding the finishing touches to the clinic over the next couple of weeks, including painting the building, ceiling boards and window panes.

The clinics sponsored and constructed by TOBFC are all government clinics that will be staffed and operated by the Tanzanian Government.

Investing in infrastructure development addresses the long-term barriers individuals in the Mbarali District face when accessing medical care. As the Olive Branch continues to invest in infrastructure development, we hope to reduce the need for our programs that address the short-term needs of vulnerable communities including our Mobile Medical Clinic. The goal of the Olive Branch is to construct 5 government medical clinics in our catchment area in order for our beneficiaries to access permanent health care.

The Olive Branch is always looking for grants to continue infrastructure development in the Mbarali District. If you or your networks are interested in the supporting similar projects, please email

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