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A Year of Growth

The Olive Branch for Children has been operating in the Mbeya Region since 2005 and has established long-term partnerships with community members and village leaders. The main objective of TOBFC remains the same, to help remote communities in Tanzania assess their primary needs and establish programs designed to assist the most vulnerable. Today, TOBFC works in over 50 communities in the Mbarali District of the Mbeya Region, as well as communities in the Mbeya Vijijini District, providing the critical support necessary for these communities to work together, grow and flourish.

2021 was a year of growth for us.

  • We reached an organizational milestone by positively benefiting over 200,000 individuals in the Mbeya Region.

  • We focused on infrastructure development and started the construction of two health clinics. These clinics will facilitate permanent access to medical care in the villages we serve, reducing the need for our Mobile Medical Clinic in the long term.

  • We expanded some of our educational programs that provide vulnerable individuals with access to education and educational materials including our Academic Support Program and KICKIT Mobile Libraries.

  • We increased the number of Tanzanians who are employed at the organization. Providing employment to Tanzanians is one of the best ways the Olive Branch can ensure the economies of the communities, and the financial security of individuals in the Mbeya Region can continue to grow.

  • Two of the original six children supported by TOBFC graduated from University/College and are employed by the organization. Ikupa is the Human Resource Manager and Mlombwa is the Montessori Manager and Principal. They are prime examples of the power and growth of the Olive Branch for Children. The hiring of the children/youth who have grown up with the Olive Branch is central to accomplishing the end goal of the Olive Branch being headed by one of our long-term beneficiaries.

Growth is the theme of our 16th Annual Gala. Our team will take you on a tour of our projects and the growth that has transpired over the last 17 years.

Join us in celebrating this growth and be transported to Tanzania at our 16th Annual Gala on April 29th, 2022. This year, our Gala will be held virtually via zoom.

Buy your tickets today to experience the growth of the organization with us.

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