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Doing What’s Needed

health Care 

mobile medical clinic

Our Mobile Medical Clinic (“MMC”) operates in our rural catchment area. In the absence of this program, to access health services residents must travel far distances to access health services. This is made difficult due to cost of transportation, unpredictable terrain or weather, and the cost of services once reached. Our MMC serves each month 22 villages. We deliver lifesaving services and medicines directly to our beneficiaries, including;


  • HIV Testing and Antiretroviral distribution with Nurses from the closest Government Counseling Testing and Care Centres

  • Infant and Maternal Health Care, including the distribution of child vaccines

  • Condom Distribution

  • Blood Pressure and Non-Communicable Disease Information

  • Family Planning Assistance

  • Monitoring of Nutrition in Children under 10 years old, and distribution of “Plumpy Nut” (a peanut-based paste for treatment of severe acute malnutrition)

  • Provision of Medical Care for minor illnesses, referral and transport to Mbeya for major health cases

  • Provision of wound care, including burns, and training of primary caregivers


feet first

Our Feet First Program specializes in wounds caused by Diabetes, Leprosy, and other Chronic Illnesses, as well as, traumatic wounds, caused by minor or major accidents. In addition, the program provides treatment and/or management of lower limb problems such as arthritis, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis and fungal infections.


Our program provides at-home services to ensure all patients are able to get the care needed and become healthy and active members of society again.

healthy mamas

TOBFC’s Healthy Mamas program focuses on maternal health.  We ensure the women connecting to our Mobile Medical Clinic receive the pre-natal care they require to stay safe and healthy during the duration of their pregnancy.  We provide free birth kits to vulnerable women, consisting of 2 pairs of surgical gloves, a plastic dish and a plastic sheet. Many expectant mothers in the areas we serve cannot access or afford birth kits, which are mandated by all medical facilities, when a woman is admitted to deliver. 


We care deeply about the women we serve and want to make vaccinations and health monitoring of their infants and children accessible and easy.  Our Mobile Medical Clinic brings peri-natal care to the doorsteps of women who previously had to walk for hours to have their infants and children vaccinated and seen by medical professionals.


Our Mobile Medical Clinic offers free birth control to women wanting to plan if and when they will become pregnant.  This helps women manage their bodies and their families. 


TOBFC’s Healthy Mamas program supports mothers throughout their reproductive journey.  We know, a healthy and happy mama is crucial to a happy and healthy family.


health outreach 

TOBFC conducts community outreach programs providing various health services to increase the health awareness and education of our catchment area. Over the past few years, TOBFC has run programming that has improved the health and related knowledge of thousands of individuals. These programs compromise;


  • TOBFC conducts community seminars

    • concerning diabetes, high blood pressure, epilepsy and mental health, and educating thousands of community members about prevalent health challenges in their communities;

    • concerning women’s health, educating hundreds of women about breast and ovarian cancer, family planning and menopause;

    • and concerning sexual health, raising awareness about sexually transmitted diseases, promoting safe sex and proper use of condoms, and reducing stigma associated with HIV/AIDS.

  • TOBFC conducts hand washing campaigns, educating parents about hygiene and prevention of diarrheal diseases. Over 50 hand-washing stations have been built in kindergarten schools and communities served by TOBFC.


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