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menstrual equity

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The Olive Branch for Children’s Menstrual Equity Program provides packets of reusable maxi pads to vulnerable primary and secondary school girls who have started their periods.


Our staff social worker Lucy connects with the girls at school to distribute the kits and provides them with valuable life skills and reproductive health information. Lucy also establishes relationships with female teachers, equipping them with information and tools to continue supporting the girls throughout the year.

Providing these reusable maxi pad packets allows these girls, who would otherwise miss up to a week of school every month, to attend classes. Younger girls face many barriers to remain in school. This program also encourages young girls to attend school so they can receive a kit when they eventually need one.


TOBFC is working to expand this program. Supporting girls to stay in school directly impacts their economic future and creates generational change for their future families. Between May 2022 and April 2023 TOBFC distributed packets of 4 maxi pads to 600 girls. TOBFC is working to expand this program. Between May and September 2023, Lucy has distributed packets to an additional 500 girls with more to be distributed by the end of the year.


TOBFC is already beginning to hear from schools where Lucy has met with students that the program is having a positive impact on attendance figures for girls.


This is a powerful way to advocate for gender equity and empower women to transform their lives through education.


Support menstrual equity by donating to our Health Care programs today.

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