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Volunteer Your Time

The Olive Branch for Children recognizes the ongoing debate around ‘voluntourism’ in developing countries. While volunteering internationally can be a very exciting and meaningful experience for the volunteer, if done incorrectly, it can actually be detrimental to local communities. TOBFC provides opportunities to visit ethically with us in Tanzania. To help ensure that the time spent is mutually beneficial for the communities we require participants to participate with ongoing projects ONLY.


We offer Unpaid Internships, Cultural Exchanges and Mentorship opportunities. Want more information on opportunities in Tanzania?   Email to receive our Ethical Volunteer Guide if you are interested in volunteering in Tanzania.

Please note, that ALL volunteers must apply to volunteer and provide the following documentation PRIOR to arriving in country. 

1. Criminal Background Check, no later than 4 months prior to arrival

2. Signed declaration form

3. Signed declaration form that you participated in our online Ethical Volunteer Training and read our Ethical Volunteer Guide


You can also make a donation by clicking the button “Support Us Today”

before you apply to volunteer in tanzania, we ask you take the time to critically think about your intentions, and why you chose to volunteer in tanzania. 

download our ethical volunteer guide to understand our expectations of volunteers.

here are some key points.

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