Maisha Carpentry

Maisha Carpentry

Ismail, Kulwa and Doto

Innovative Projects

Innovative Projects

The Okoa Project

Maisha Carpentry

Maisha Carpentry

Ismail Matipa experimenting with new designs

The Design Centre

The Design Centre

Our first batik training @ Kubuni

The Design Centre

The Design Centre

Our first Batik training @ Kubuni

Kubuni Centre and Collaborative

Kubuni (meaning “to create” in Kiswahili) serves as a platform to support local capacity building, innovation and knowledge sharing with the aims of creating equal opportunities for Tanzanians, and bridging the gap in knowledge production through practical applications.


  • Capacity Building: We define capacity building as the process of developing and strengthening skills Tanzanians need to thrive in today’s world. We do so by providing training, workshops, and support with the end goal of students being capable to complete tasks independently.

  • Innovation: We define innovation as being original and creative in thinking. The Kubuni Centre provides the space and materials to experiment, create and make mistakes in their product and business designs. We believe the best products are made through doing and re-doing!

  • Knowledge Sharing: We define knowledge sharing as the transfer of valuable skills, methods and information through international, national, and local relationships and networks to everyone involved in our projects. We believe that the best way to learn is to pass down experience, not copy off a blackboard!


The Kubuni Centre is our creative hub providing space and workshops to entrepreneurs in Mbeya Region. Focused on community empowerment, the Kubuni Centre, provides the skills, resources and physical space for Tanzanians to realize their innovative ideas.


At our site Kubuni Gardens, in Uyole, Mbeya we have a group of artisans making beautiful handmade earrings, and bamboo pieces. Maisha is our line of products our Kubuni Artisans have crafted. Maisha (life in Swahili) provides employment, and financial stability and independent for many individuals in the Mbeya Region.

By purchasing our products, you are not only receiving a uniquely hand-crafted item, but you are empowering vulnerable people and helping support The Olive Branch for Children’s projects. Visit our etsy page store now. 

TOBFC understands financial security is central to positive development for individuals, families and communities.  Every year, TOBFC offers various levels of start-up grants to help individuals bring to fruition their plans and businesses.  The grants range from $75 to $1500.  Each grantee is appointed a case worker, who helps them realize their plans and monitors their progress. 








Maisha is our artisan product line. Our artisans are able to craft beautiful fairtrade bamboo, batik and beaded products.


When you purchase a Maisha product you are not only receiving a beautiful handmade item, but you are empowering women in the Mbeya Region. Through our programs, we are able to teach young people in the Uyole Area. 


Our products are sold through Tanzania, Germany and Canada!


Email us for our 2019 Catalog.





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