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Our mobile libraries operate on bicycles.  The facilitators, chosen by their communities, attach trunks of books to the back of their bikes, bringing much needed textbooks and amazing storybooks to the 11 communities in the program.  They spend 2 hours, twice per week, in each village their particular library serves. Our facilitators use either our Montessori Classroom structures or a local primary school classroom, to ensure the participants have a safe place to read and study.

Our facilitators are responsible for the books, bikes and managing the two-hour sessions. We continuously update our book collection, providing the newest Swahili language storybooks for the pleasure of all the participants.

In 2016 TOBFC established 5 KICKIT mobile libraries to promote literacy and reading, serving a total of 11 communities, 600 direct beneficiaries and 1000 indirect beneficiaries on a weekly basis.

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