because of you, tobfc is able to positively 
impact 150,000 individuals annually

Direct Beneficiaries 2020


97 Direct Beneficiaries

In 2020, TOBFC provided Academic Support to 87 individuals at primary, secondary and post-secondary levels. 


58 Direct Beneficiaries


15 Direct Beneficiaries


1665 Direct Beneficiaries

In 2020, 1,596 children attended our Montessori Kindergartens every day, 69 parents attended seminars on the importance of early childhood education, and 27 of teachers received ongoing support.


779 Direct Beneficiaries

In 2020 TOBFC operated Mobile Libraries in 9 villages, 779 students attended our Mobile Libraries every month. 


49,837 Direct Beneficiaries

In 2020 TOBFC operated our Mobile Medical Clinics, 55,656 individuals were positively impacted by our village-to-village clinic.

  • Our clinics provided 5819 women with pre and post-natal care.

  • Our clinics tested 895 individuals for HIV and distributed ARV's to 2386 individuals to ensure our beneficiaries are taking their medicines regularly.

  • Through our clinic we provided 42,344 individuals with  HIV seminars, prevention education, and condoms. 

  • We provided deworming medicine to 1121 children.



57,966 Direct Beneficiaries

In 2020, TOBFC operated a community wide HIV prevention campaign for high risk and vulnerable community members. 


76 Direct Beneficiaries

In 2020, our Feet First Team provided life saving wound care to 76 individuals. 

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6154 Direct Beneficiaries

In 2020, 210 women were gifted birthing kits, and 125 women were accessed family planning. 


588 Direct Beneficiaries

In 2020, TOBFC provided 47 clients with food, hygienic products and medical support every month.  

Based on need, we distributed 45 mattresses, repaired 4 houses, distributed new clothing, built and furnished 3 houses, and distributed (and continuously replenished) 12 gas stoves to our clients.

Our Complete Community Care Clients had 400 health clients that were recieving monthly support. 


20,000 Direct Beneficiaries

In 2020, TOBFC refurbished 3 wells, dug 1 well, and built a rainwater catchment system. 


100 Direct Beneficiaries

In 2020 TOBFC switched 100 households to gas.

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Direct Beneficiaries

In 2020 TOBFC launched a pilot of our rent-to-own beekeeping, 5 women participated in the pilot. We hope to expand this initiative in 2021. 


300 Direct Beneficiaries

In 2020 TOBFC gifted 300 trees to various households to plant. 


6260 Direct Beneficiaries

In 2020 TOBFC operated 168 Community Cooperative Banks. Our banks have 6,210 members.


38 Direct Beneficiaries

In 2020 TOBFC Kubuni provided over 7 young people with grants to start a small business. 


5000 Direct Beneficiaries

In 2020 we ran our Kubuni Cup Football Tournament where 20 teams from 8 villages came to play and raise awareness that young people can be positive role models in thier communities. At the tournament 2085 people receive health education, and over 7000 condoms were distributed. At our Community Bonazana 40 bags of trash were collected.

Direct Beneficiaries 2019