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Complete Community Care

Tackling the Issue

Complete Community Care is TOBFC’s group of programs that ensure the communities in our catchment area are healthy and thriving.

These programs identify vulnerable people in the community, and connect them to TOBFC services including:

  1. Providing companionship to those who experience social isolation,

  2. Supporting vulnerable individuals and families with basic needs such as, food, and safe housing,

  3. Giving medical attention to individuals requiring advice, counselling, treatment and management of health concerns,

  4. Connecting community members to the Mobile Medical Clinic or to other TOBFC services,

  5. Providing Quality of Life services, including cleaning and organizing houses, providing walking aides, toilet aides and mattresses.

Complete Community Care workers


The Olive Branch for Children has Complete Community Care Workers in every village we operate in. They are our eyes and ears in the villages we serve, identifying vulnerable individuals in need of our services.


Our Complete Community Care Workers provide:

1.      At-home health services, care, and support for 600 individuals living with HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Epilepsy and other chronic illnesses and disabilities.

2.     Support their local dispensaries and health centers.

3.     Facilitate our Mobile Medical Clinics,

4.     Visit our Complete Community Care clients and,

5.     Host seminars in their communities.


Every month, TOBFC hosts health and service provision trainings for the 21 CCC Providers, investing in their continued growth and improvement as Providers. We have a total of 8,992 direct beneficiaries from our community outreach programs, and a total of 23,000 indirect beneficiaries from per annum.

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