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Thank you to our 2023 Leading Program Sponsor!

academic Support

The Olive Branch for Children provides academic support to a number of Tanzanian students. Education is central to eradicating many of the socio-economic disparities  in Tanzania. Ensuring youths are able to access education not only helps the most vulnerable gain a formidable voice within their communities, Tanzania and abroad, but closes the income gap between rural and urban populations.  Ultimately, the goal is to prepare the youths we serve to be gainfully employed.  

Thank you LiUNA! Local 183 for being our Academic Support sponsor for the 2022-23 school year.


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We currently provide academic support to:


15 Secondary Students

30 Primary Students

27 University/College Students

We believe it is vital to prepare the children and youths at the Zion Peace Home for successful professional careers. School fees, university fees, technical college fees, school transport, uniforms, stationery and textbooks, along with accommodation and food while away studying, are the biggest and most important annual expenses for TOBFC. 

Thank you to LiUNA! Local 183 for providing scholarships to all our high school and post-secondary students in the 2022-23 school year. These scholarships fund all school fees, accommodation costs, uniforms, and textbooks and stationery. 


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The chart shows all the costs for our primary, high school, college, and university students and include additional costs not covered by scholarships. These additional costs include items such as computers, internet access, and field placements. Every fall TOBFC runs a Back-To-School Fundraising Campaign for these additional costs.

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